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Confused about these four strategies? Don't know which one will work best for you? Wondering where to start?
Hi, I'm Sarah, the co-founder of Studdys.
I have written a blog post specifically to explain the difference between these four "buckets" of funding and go over the pros and cons of each strategy.
This will help you choose the "funding bucket" that best suits your objectives and timelines.
I strongly encourage you to read this post as this will tremendously help you in securing the funding you need! Click here to continue

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Option in tourism

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Masters degree in vision science

Masters Degree in Vision Science, Doctorate Degree in Optometry

Masters Degree in Vision Science, Doctorate Degree in Optometry. The School of Optometry and Vision Science offers an accelerated Doctorate degree IN Optometry program.  It also offers a Masters Degree in Vision Science Program.  Admission to the accelerated Masters degree program is restricted to some students.  These will be students with a consistently good academic [...]

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Doctoral Scholarships for Canadians for a PhD in New ZealandPOSTED ON 01/01/2014

Value NZ$25,000 stipend per annum plus domestic tuition fees waiver (excludes student services fee and insurance) Number offered Up to 181 annually Closing date Applicants can apply anytime Information The University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship provides funding to support doctoral students studying at the University of Otago. The Scholarship [...]

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Study in Canada: How to find funding for your PhD in Computer Science

PhD in Computer Science: How to find funding for a PhD in Computer SciencePOSTED ON 18/09/2014

Study in Canada: Obtain your [...]

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Scholarships in Canada: How to find Graduate scholarships

Scholarships in Canada: How to find graduate scholarshipsPOSTED ON 24/09/2014

Scholarships in Canada How to [...]

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